3 Things To Remember When Job Searching

3 Things To Remember When Job Searching

Let’s face it: finding a job can often feel like a job in itself. It doesn’t matter whether you are traveling from business to business, trying to find whether there is an opening, or e-mailing various companies to find out whether they are hiring – it can be quite frustrating. You might get discouraged and feel as though you should take a break, but we all know that securing a job should be your first goal when you are unemployed. Here are some tips to remember when you are job searching that can help you remain focused and search the smartest way possible.

Reach Out And Network

You should do everything you can to remember everyone who has ever tried to hire you. Did you deny jobs while you were unemployed? Did a friend recommend a potential job to you before or after you started working your last job? You should check old e-mails and reach out to peers and friends to find out what’s out there. There are numbers to back up just how much your own network can help you land a paying job. Specifically, employee referrals still remain a significant source of hire for many employers.

Get In “Job Search Mode”

There is nothing wrong with being your authentic self, but the truth is that you are often competing with some real talent out there in the workplace. You might want to brush up on your interview skills if it’s been a while.

Do you have “job interview” clothes? Do you have the answers to the right questions, such as when an employer asks what your weakness is? Can you elaborate on instances in your past jobs where you stepped up to the plate and delivered? You never want to look or feel as though you are caught off guard, and this often means real mental preparation. Make sure that you are properly prepared for the jobs that you are looking for, and that it shows. This also means that you have to be getting the right amount of sleep, so that you can have the proper amount of energy and enthusiasm for job searching.

Get Creative

If you are have been using the same template/words/descriptions to get hired for years, you might want to re-examine the way that you word things. What have you done recently that was “out of the box” for your organization? Do you have interesting quotes or testimonials from friends or colleagues that truly illustrate how dedicated of a worker you are?

How creative is your cover letter? If you don’t even sound excited about the job, why would an employer be excited about hiring you? While you should certainly stay within the boundaries of your personality, a little creativity can go a long way.

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